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Sealing for ponds on golf courts, as well as for pond construction and environmental protection.

Our company delivers, lays and welds sealing sheets made from PEHD, PELD, PVC and Bentonite mats.
Furthermore, we deliver, lay and weld Geotextiles worldwide.
We are very successful in the field of sealing techniques, especially for pond construction and environmental protection. Many planning offices have already benefitted from our technical support and know-how.
Under the menu “Portfolio”, please take the opportunity to glance at some of the projects we have accomplished thus far.

Geotextiles, sealing sheets and bentonite mats are being used in the following areas:

  • Golf court ponds
  • Large ponds
  • Irrigation ponds
  • Fire extinguishing ponds
  • Landfill sealings
  • Swimming ponds
  • Sealings for storage halls
  • Clarification ponds
  • Decorative ponds, maturation ponds
  • Sealing of contaminated earth / grounds
  • Storing of water endangering materials

Our specific work follows the DVS-guidelines, which guarantees a very high standard of quality and security.


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